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  • How much to I have to put down for a deposti?
    50% of your total hunt cost is due to hold the dates of your hunt.
  • Is Kansas a draw state for deer?
    Yes, you will apply for your tags in April. We will provide you with the options to help insure a successful draw. Very rarely do we have someone not draw.
  • Do I get my deposit back if I do not draw?
    We would love it if you would let us carry over your deposit for the following year hunt, but yes we will return your deposit if you wish.
  • What is included in my hunt?
    All hunts include meals, lodging, and a guide. Your tags and license are not included.
  • What is the cost of the tags and license?
    Please visit to see all fees.
  • Do I need to bring anything besides my hunting gear to camp?
    Our lodge is well furnished with everything you will need. We do not however provide alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring those along!
  • Where do I send my payment?
    Triple Creek Outfitters 656 W Barton County Rd Great Bend, KS 67530
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