By now I'm sure you have looked over our website, facebook page, and our TV shows. All these are great resources to look at and see all of our accomplishments.

The question that every new client asks is "Why choose them"? Why should you choose Triple Creek Outfitters over other outfitters? 

As the owner & operator of Triple Creek Outfitters (TCO), I could go on forever about all the good things, but instead I'm going to point out the "important" things. I can tell you over a 5-year period, we have given our bow hunters nearly 100% opportunity at a 140" or bigger buck. Also, we have killed 3 Booners in 3 years during muzzeloader season. Not to mention in 2009 our rifle hunters killed 10 whitetail bucks scoring from 148" to 183". These are deer numbers and percentages that are on paper, but how you feel when you leave is the most important value. I'm going to sum this up in 3 phrases:

1. "We work hard for YOU"! TCO has earned an incredible reputation for busting our tails and going the extra mile for our clients. To make your hunt and your chance to harvest a quality animal at the highest percentage possible.

2. "All hunters (clients) are treated equal." At TCO we feel every spot we have to hunt is the next big deer or next big gobbler. We feel every client, regardless of who they are or where they're from, should be treated the same. We can confidently say this because we have proven this to our clients year after year. You don't have to worry about somebody hunting a better spot than you because every piece of land holds the same opportunity for everyone.

3. "Being respectful and honest". At TCO we have created and built this business on the backbone of honesty. We call it like it is! NO EXCUSES! We will always tell you the truth--not what we think you want to hear. We do this with our clients as well as with our land owners. At TCO you will be treated with respect and know the facts of where and what you are hunting.

That pretty well sums up "Why US". Coming to Triple Creek Outfitters not only makes you feel like you belong to a well respected business, it makes you feel like you've gained a life long friend. The hunt doesn't stop when you leave because it will stay in your heart, "An Experience You Will Never Forget". Please give us a call and let us show you what Central Kansas and TCO has to offer. 

Thank You for your time, 

Richard Blakeslee


We are an outfitter based in St. John, Kansas offering trophy whitetail deer, turkey, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting in Kansas.



Richard Blakeslee

PHONE: 620-617-7550