For years TCO has opened its doors to the world of television.  It started in 2008 when I met CJ Winand from Bowhunter Magazine.  He knocked on my door one afternoon after seeing hunters coming in from a hunt wanting to know about my business.  So, after a lengthy conversation, CJ and I agreed he would hunt one of my proporties.  About 3 days in, he killed a nice 8 pointer which was featured in Bowhunter Magazine.

Hunting tv in KansasThe following year CJ called and wanted to come back with a cameraman and do a show with Jeff Wearing, also from Bowhunter.  The hunt was successful with Jeff shooting a Big Kansas 10 pointer scoring 152.  This show aired on Bowhunter TV and can be seen on their season 6 DVD.

At the same time Bowhunter TV came in, we also started a new relationship with Jeff Danker and the guys from BUCKVENTURES OUTDOORS.

We had been seeing a really big deer we named "Turmoil" a huge, 192" buck with an 11" dagger off his main beam.  Jeff sent Brandon Adams down for an early muzzleloader season hunt, and after several patient days of hunting and planning, Brandon and myself placed him in a spot in which he killed the deer at 25 yards and it soon became a huge kill for TCO.  It was seen on BUCKVENTURES OUTDOORS TV, and then was put on the REALTREE Monster Buck Video.

The following season, both BUCKVENTURES and Bowhunter TV came back and were successful again.  Daniel MCVey of BUCKVENTURES killed a 152" 10 pointer in Muzzleloader Season.

CJ and myself both killed big deer.  CJ killing a nice 10 pointer and myself killing a 8 pointer scoring 153 with an 8" drop tine.  These shows aired in 2011 and can be seen now on the Sportsman Channel  ( 605 on Direct TV  and 395 on Dish).
As you can see, we have had good luck with our TV opportunities and it has worked well for us.  We work hard regardless of name or fame!  TCO has earned a reputation for busting our butts, and most importantly, being upfront and honest.
Please take time to check out these shows, our website, and our facebook page, and let TCO take you on your next dream hunt of a lifetime!


We are an outfitter based in St. John, Kansas offering trophy whitetail deer, turkey, upland bird, and waterfowl hunting in Kansas.



Richard Blakeslee

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